DKB LEGAL LLC is located in Carmel, Indiana and represents
individuals, as well as small and mid-size companies, in
employment and business matters.

We bring a flexible, creative, proactive approach to identifying,
anticipating, and meeting our clients' needs,
adding value and exceeding expectations.


DKB LEGALis dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal services to its clients, providing an experienced attorney to advise and assist clients in navigating through a wide range of business, employment and compliance challenges

DKB LEGAL provides its clients with an experienced attorney to work through noncompetition (or noncompete) agreements and other contracts, to help resolve employment disputes, and to protect its clients' interests in various business challenges.

DKB LEGAL also serves clients as outside general counsel, advising on contract negotiation and review, risk analysis, and strategic guidance and implementation for human resources, operations and corporate governance functions.

DKB LEGAL is located in Carmel, Indiana and represents clients seeking legal services in Indiana.

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